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My dream to get into the game industry

Hey guys, I’d like to introduce a new piece we’re adding to SimplyGamers. We’ve always had personal pieces (where myself or Justin talk about what we want to talk about) and for today, I’d like to talk about the game industry.

Ever since I was a little kid I dreamed of making games. They looked incredible , influenced me, made me cry, made me mad, and also helped me during the depressed parts of my life. As I grew up reality hit me: I was horrible at programming, horrible at math, horrible at drawing/graphics. I researched and found out I could be a Game Designer, but who would hire someone with no experience, and no programming skills. My dream one day would be to start up a Game Company (maybe call it SimplyGamers? ok that sounds weird..) and make my original IP I’ve wrote a game design document for: Rebirth. I also dream of eventually getting Sony to fund it, and hopefully make it exclusive for the PS4, and eventually becoming a part of Sony’s World Wide Studios. 

So yeah that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. I doubt it’ll ever happen but I hope it will one day.

Current Thoughts on Destiny Alpha.

Within my first couple of hours on Destiny I had already died 10-15 times. This was during a Strike Mission, (think instanced dungeons ala FFXIV Realm Reborn). Our first objective was to protect our Ghost as it had to open a door, whilst 3 waves of enemies came at us. The action was intense and the AI did not make it easy for us: multiple heavy characters (elites, captains, etc) who would pulverize us, had to communicate when supers were ready, or when we had a grenade. This was also on the Legendary difficulty which allows for beta loot as-well. Eventually we got past that task, and soon found ourselves facing 2 more boss battles after that. These missions are long, difficult, but immensely rewarding due to the amount of exclusive weapons and armor we were able to obtain. Afterwards, we went to the Tower (which is the social hub of Destiny) and picked up a couple more bounties while meeting friends along the way.

This was my first 5 hours straight of playing Destiny, and I loved every single second of it.

Looking for new members.

As you know, SimplyGamers is a collective of gamers. We enjoy livestreaming games, writing reviews, and writing exclusive editorals on hot gaming topics. We have a focus on the PS4, or PlayStation content in general. If you want to join go ahead and send a message to our tumblr. We’re always looking for talented people to help us out.


The cringiest things always happen during Ubisoft Conferences.. I wonder what they have in store this year.

Xbox One

is now good enough for me to go buy. Halo Collection makes everything worth it


Male Guardians


Pokemon / Game Boy advert.


Pokemon / Game Boy advert.


leaving your room when people are over



video games + trailer scenery

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age